Jessie Spartano

Jessie Spartano, an LA based rapper, touches people from all walks of life. Many call her a lyrical beast because of the way she communicates through her lyrics. Music is an outlet where she is able to connect with her fans on a deep level. Music is also a way to transform anything into something beautiful. She hopes to achieve a higher sense of cause through her work and inspires others to reach for the stars.

In September 2016, Jessie released her first music video “My Throne”. “My Throne” is also the title of her mixtape, which is scheduled to be released in November 2016. Jessie will be hosting her very own mixtape release party at Karma Lounge in Los Angeles. This will take place November 19, 2016 from 7-10pm. Come have a drink, mingle and enjoy a sneak peek of her mixtape before it’s released worldwide!

Jessie is open to new ideas and concepts as she continues to expand her mind. She understands what it’s like to work very hard to chase a dream. Her journey began in Pittsburgh, PA, where she struggled to find her connection in this world. Loving the arts, warm weather and sunny beaches, Jessie decided to start fresh and move to Los Angeles. It was here that Jessie realized music is her true calling.

Jessie continues to perform in Los Angeles and has already begun writing her second mixtape. She is anticipating her new music video and continues to connect with her fans. Be sure to come to Karma Lounge on November 19, 2016 and watch Jessie live!